Monday, May 10, 2004


So I'm aware it's been a while since my last post, but I've been pretty busy. I started work the day after I finished exams...crazy, but fun :). With the start of work also came the start of my unofficial summer project - crafting. My project for the first week was to make probe decorations using eraser was pretty fun, and I even finished early! It hasn't been judged yet, so I have no idea if I passed or not...but I think my chances for this one might be pretty good. My craft for this week is cross-stitch. It's not that hard, but there's NO way I'll be able to finish it in time...there's too much to do! And who the hell knows the difference between dark blue, medium blue and light blue?!? or pink, rose, and dark rose?!? like, HONESTLY people...oh well, it's fun nonetheless. The other big thing that happened recently is that I moved into phase 7 for summer rez. All I have to say is that phase 7 kicks some SERIOUS butt. The bedrooms are AMAZING, the appliances are new, the bathrooms are wicked (there's TWO! and the showers have glass doors!), and the furniture is sooooo much more comfy than in the townhouses. And thanks goodness for sweet, sweet A/C. So, needless to say, it's gonna be quite hard to leave at the end of the summer and go back to townhouses, although they do have their benefits. Well, enough about phase has been good. I've already started my geotaxis project...ran the first experiment today, and I think it went pretty well...Rachel helped me out a lot today, so I owe her huge for that. I also get to do chromosome substitutions this summer, which sounds really cool...overall, I think it's gonna be an awesome summer. Well, I guess that's it for now...I better get some sleep if I have to go to work tomorrow...

Monday, May 03, 2004


So I'm finally done my third year at UTM...wrote my last exam today, and how sweet it is to be finished. No more classes, no more studying, no more homework...well, at least until September. I just finished today, and I get to start work tomorrow...yay. I wish I had some time in between, but oh well. Work is always fun anyway, so it's all good. I played my double or nothing scrabble bet last thursday...the outcome was more unfortunate than that of the original bet. I lost again, this time by a bigger margin, and it looks like I'll be serving lemonade to the Argos dressed as Mimi at some point this summer. I went shopping with Macarena on Sunday for the official Mimi outfit...we went to Goodwill, and all I can say is that it's HIDEOUS. Should be an interesting day, at the very least. Today, after my exam, I went up to the lab and somehow managed to end up in another bet. I was playing Macarena in basketball, and lo and behold, I lost...what a surprise. I lost the first one, then once again decided to go double or nothing. I thought the terms were that an ugly hat was added to the Mimi outfit for that I figured, what the hell...I'm already gonna look like a tool, may as well add a hat. So I went double or nothing, and lost again. However, I maintain that it was NOT FAIR. Because after, Macarena tells me that in fact what I agreed to was a whole different day of dressing up, which included a new, hideous outfit, and a matching hat. So now I have two days of my summer devoted to dressing up...Mimi, and this other one. I still think it's totally not fair, because that's not what I thought I was agreeing to. Had I actually know that's what would happen if I lost, I NEVER would have gone double or nothing...I would have just stopped. But of course, it doesn't matter what *I* thought, so I have to do it anyway. I think that really sucks, but I'm gonna do it anyway, because I'm not going to wimp out. I think it's mean, but oh well...shit happens. Well, I'm gonna go to sleep soon if I have to get up for work tomorrow...I think that maybe I was a brutal mass murderer in a past life to warrant everything that's happening to me now...probably not true, but an interesting theory...

Thursday, April 29, 2004


Well, today was rather uneventful...although, this IS my third entry in three days...that makes my day somewhat more exciting. I went home this morning to do laundry, and to visit my grandma. It was a pretty good day, but not very productive in terms of studying. last remaining exam is stats 107 on Monday, so I'm not too worried. While at home today I copied two of Jason's CD's...Frosh Two and Listen Up Frosh...wicked CD's :D. So I came back to school around dinner time, and ended up going out to Cooper's to watch the hockey was a bitchin' time...hahahaha...that's a great word :). Anyway, the Leafs won, AND I won a cup! They had this raffle during the second intermission, and I actually won something! It's just a cheap plastic cup with a Detroit Red Wings logo on it, but the principle of the matter is that I actually won made me very happy :). After I came home, I watched "Cheaper by the Dozen" along with Marla, Rachel, Steph and Linda. It was a decent movie, made better of course by the presence of Tom Welling...he's really hot :). Well, that about sums up's supposed to be like 20 degrees tomorrow...that would be WICKED, because I really want summer to be here! So I'm gonna go to sleep soon and dream of warm weather... :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2004


Well, it appears as though I have acquired an unofficial summer project at work...while my main project is geotaxis, I have been given a supplemental Arts and Crafts summer project. Due to my apparent lack of "craftiness" every week I will have to complete a new project, which will then be judged...while I would love to explain all the details here, the whole system is much too involved and intricate, and I'm far too lazy to take the time and effort I would need to write it all down. If you want to know more about it, I can explain it to you...needless to say, by the end of the summer I should be able to knit, crochet, and so much more! Well, after spending the afternoon at work and learning about my new project, Jason and I went to Wal-Mart for McDonald's, and to shop for soccer cleats. After hitting up Wal-Mart, we went to check out Metrosport for shin pads...while Jason didn't find any shin pads, I managed to find an Aston Villa jersey for $29!!! It was great! After the soccer shopping excursion, Jason, Julia and I went to Demetre's...I had the old favourite, the Tongue good. Julia and I went to Milestone's after for drinks, where I had a Mojito. It was pretty good, but I still like the ones we made on Scrabble night much better. Well, that was essentially my day...I'm heading home to do laundry tomorrow and visit my grandma, so it should be a good day...but for now, I'm gonna get some sleep :).

Tuesday, April 27, 2004


Well, I've decided to try a little blog redecoration, and this is the result...I think it's pretty cool!! Actually, it was more Marla doing all the "redecoration"...which consisted of her explaining HTML to me and telling me exactly what to do while I sat around and reaped the benefits of a new kick ass blog! Now, I'm aware my last entry was on March 9th, and while I'd love to say I haven't written since then because my new kick ass blog has been under construction, the truth is that Marla and I (again, basically just Marla) did it tonight in about an hour. So, I really have absolutely no excuse for my laziness, and all I can offer is my promise to try and do better...I think I should be able to manage that since exams are over soon, and then it will be summer! And with summer comes lots of spare time to piss away...besides, I'll be living with Linda and Val, so they can make sure I keep up to date :). Anyway, a quick rundown of my life since March 9th...well, it will actually probably just be a rundown of the past week, because I can't remember back to March 9th. Well, let's start from April 17th...I had a scrabble bet going that day, and I lost...which is quite unfortunate, because now I have to get dressed up as Mimi (from the Drew Carey Show) for a, makeup and all. However, my pride is still somewhat salvageable, because I'm going for double or nothing :D...of course, if I lose that game, then while dressed as Mimi I have to offer lemonade to the Toronto Argos players...I'm aware that making this bet goes against the advice of virtually everyone I know and of course my own better judgment, but oh well...should be entertaining either way :). The night of the scrabble game was also mojito night. I had never had a mojito before, but they are REALLY good...especially if you're using 151 proof rum :P. Despite what you've read so far, the night actually was somewhat productive. I learned how to make quesadillas! And while it is still quite clear that I lack the ability to multi-task, I think my quesadillas were pretty darn good. So I'm not sure when the double or nothing game is going to be played...probably after exams are done...but I'll keep you posted :). My first exam was on the 22nd of April...Stats221. It was a pretty good exam, but I love math, so that was to be expected. In the middle of it there was a fire alarm though, which was a little weird. We all had to take our exams outside and wait for like 20 minutes. Virtually everyone was was really weird. But then we got to go back inside and finish...all in all I think it went well. Tonight I had my genetics final. I probably didn't study as much as I should have, and spent most of the day in the fireplace lounge with Paul and Tarrah, talking about stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with yeast genetics, but it was really fun. And, it turned out that the exam was pretty good! I completely made up the last question, but other than that I feel good about it. So now I only have one exam left...Stats107. That's right, I'm taking a first year stats course :D. I needed to fill space in my schedule, and what better way to do it than with a first year stats class? It's not till next Monday, and I'm not too worried about it, so for now, I have a break for a few days...woo hoo! Anyway, the biggest news of the past couple of weeks has to be that I finally got a placement for my forensics 481 mentorship next year. I'm working with the Halton Police! It's really cool, because it's in Oakville, so it's nice and close. My mentor sounds super nice, and I'm really excited...apparently I'll get to go to different crime scenes and stuff...I think it's gonna be awesome! Well, I think that's it for now...I promise to try and stay more updated, and for now all I have to say is GO LEAFS GO!!!

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

wow...i am a total slacker...i do realize it's been many, many, many days since my last entry...what can i say, i guess i'm just getting lazy! anyway, everything's going pretty well right now. i don't have too much work for school, which is really nice, and right now we're doing the amazing race on rez! i'm on a team with stacey and lara, and rachel and marla are on another team...steph, linda and esther have a team too. so far it's really fun! you get to go around solving clues and collecting more...and the best part is, you get 40 rez points just for finishing! of course, if you win, you get lots of other cool stuff too :). the murder mystery is going really well too, and it's coming up soon! i think we'll be able to pull it together in time, and it's gonna be really awesome! so this friday my mom is cooking dinner for all the lab peeps...should be a really fun night...however i fear that pictures of me as a baby might come out at some point during the night...that would not be fun at all... oh, and for the record, i'm really bitter about the weather. normally i would be ecstatic that it's getting warmer, but i just shelled out a crapload of money for a new snowboard, and i haven't even gotten to use it yet! hopefully i'll get at least one more chance before winter ends...i would at least like to try it out! i signed up for summer rez last week, and i'm really excited :D. i'll be living in phase 7 with linda, val and brian...should be an awesome house, and i am very thankful that we will get air conditioning :). well, there's prolly a bunch of stuff that has happened since my last entry that i haven't written about, but i just don't feel like it...i'd rather sleep :P

Sunday, February 22, 2004

well, i admit it's been a while since my last entry, but i'll make up for it...reading week is almost officially over. i only have a few precious hours left, but it was awesome while it was here :). last saturday i went up to blue mountain with marla, steph and linda to go snowboarding. i must say, the drive up to collingwood was QUITE exciting. it was kinda crappy weather up in collingwood, and it was snowing pretty hard. so when we finally made it to county road 124, we learned that it was closed due to the bad weather. since that it basically the only way up to blue, we had to improvise a little in order to make it there. we figured out (well, it was mainly linda, she is a really good navigator), that we could drive up 3rd line which runs parallel to county road 124 and cut back we did that, and when we cut back over to 124, it was still closed. so we went back to 3rd line and drove on that until it ended. when we cut back to 124 that time, there were no more roadblocks, so we were finally back on track. well, we drove on 124 for about 40km, and not a single other car was on the road...we began to think that the road was still in fact closed, and we were just driving on a closed road. we finally reached an intersection with a sign in the opposite direction saying the road was closed...oh well, we were just driving on a closed road for a bit...but it all worked out :). but that was not the only excitement for the we continued up 124, the road was pretty slippery and there was a lip between the edge of the road and the gravel shoulder. well, my right front wheel went off the road, and onto the shoulder. my other 3 wheels were still on the road, and this made things interesting...i began to fishtail, and swerved into oncoming traffic. we were about to get hit by a pickup truck, but i managed to swerve away, and in the process, the car did something like a 540 degree rotation, and we ended up in a snowbank. the guy behind us just drove by and waved!!! it was pretty scary, and i was worried that the other cars on the road would lose control and crash into us while we were stuck in the snowbank. and steph slept through the whole thing!!! well, with the help of linda, marla and steph pushing the car, we managed to make it out of the snowbank and safely up to blue. the day was awesome...i sorta started to learn to turn like a normal person! it was an awesome day, and when we came back, me linda and steph went to see 50 first was pretty funny :).

well, after the excitement of the day of snowboarding subsided, i went home and relaxed on sunday. monday i had to get up early to play in an extramural soccer tournament at was a really fun day, and our team won the whole tournament! it ended up being UTM vs. UTM in the final (cuz UTM entered two teams), so that was pretty cool...the UTM team i was on won, and we got free t-shirts! yay for free stuff :D. tuesday night i went to the something corporate show with my friend alison downtown at the kool haus. it was an AMAZING show...they are soooooo good live!!! and i got a t-shirt there, but i had to pay for that one :P. wednesday i went out to corbett's to buy myself a pair of snowpants...i have been borrowing jason's lately to go snowboarding, but i figured i better get my own pair...they're black, really warm and really comfy :). thursday i went snowboarding yet again with people from work...we went up to mount st. louis, and it was an awesome day...they weather was REALLY nice, and it was sooo warm...the only downside was that it was some kind of school day there, so the place was swarming with thousands of obnoxious little kids...for the first part of the day we only got a couple runs in, but by the time we finished lunch most of the kids were gone...we practically had the place to ourselves for the rest of the day! it was soooooo awesome, and i finally learned to turn! i can turn normally almost all the way down the hill!!! i'm still sore, but it was so worth it. friday i slept in and had a nice relaxing day...i went to corbett's again, but this time to look at snowboards :). i found one i really liked, but didn't buy it right then...i thought i should sleep on it, since it's a pretty expensive thing to buy. i had to get up early on saturday for a dentist appointment at 9am, and then i went to corbett's yet again, and actually bought the snowboard i wanted :D:D:D. it is a salomon board, in midnight blue with red detailing, and it's red on the back...i got these really cool looking red bindings, and really comfy cost a crapload of money, but i think it will be worth it, considering how much it costs to rent stuff every time. i'm soooooo excited and i can't wait to try it out!!! hopefully i'll go again really soon :). anyway, today i came back to school, and i'm just settling in and getting ready to go back to school! phew...that was long, but that's it for now...