Tuesday, November 04, 2003

So it's taken me about a week to put in my second blog entry...i guess i'm not very good at keeping up to date, but oh well. I've got a week to catch up on, so here goes. Last thursday was halloween pub. I got this cheap little devil costume, because i'm on a university student's budget in terms of time and money. It had a tail and a wig with devil horns. I dressed all in red, and put on the tail and the wig...the wig was a total man mullet! it was a total mullet, but it was funny, so it's all good :). So it turns out that on friday, we won the rez wide pumpkin carving contest! I was really surprised, cuz it's one thing to win the row contest against two other houses, but i totally didn't think we would win the rez wide thing. so we got movie gift certificates, which is wicked cuz movies are so friggin expensive now. On sunday I had a soccer game for school...it was the last regular season game, and in order to come in first place in the division, we had to win 8-0...we have a pretty good team, but even that is pushing it. It was pouring rain and REALLY cold for the game, but it was so much fun...i love playing in the rain, cuz it's really good weather to slide tackle in. It turns out we tied 2-2, so we finished in second place in the division, which just means we won't get home field if we get to the finals, so it's not too big of a deal. Now my legs are all bruised and really sore, but it was all worth it cause it was an awesome game! well, i think that about sums up the last few days...hopefully i'll be on the ball more and won't wait another week to post something!