Wednesday, January 28, 2004

ok, ok...long time since my last update, but i've been busy! i finally learned to snowboard!!! YAY! it was sooooooo much fun, although i was extremely sore for the whole weekend after...but it was worth was so awesome! i even managed to get off the charlift 3 whole times without falling...i was quite proud. so i got to spend all of friday up at blue mountain snowboarding...the whole day was a write off in terms of getting any work done...we got slightly lost on the drive home...we sort of went in a 2 hour then we got back and i went out for dinner to swiss chalet :). the whole day ended around 10pm. so there was basically only time for me to go to sleep, and wake up early on saturday morning for my first aid was a long day, but we got a 2 hour lunch cuz the fire alarm went off. saturday night i finally saw pirates of the carribean, which i have wanted to see for a long was such a good movie! johnny depp was amazing in it. as was the monkey, i must say...the monkey wore his pirate outfit very well :). sunday was more first aid fun...another long day, but i passed, so i'm now certified to save lives! i spent sunday night working on my genetics assignment with marla and daniela...we actually did it kinda correctly...oddly enough, we would have gt it more right if we had done less work...oh well, at least it's done...on monday classes got cancelled after 5pm, but of course i have no night classes, so it didn't matter for me...but there was a short power outage on monday afternoon, which wouldn't normally be a big deal, but it screwed me up for tuesday...i normally have class on tuesdays from 10-1...when the power went out on monday, i reset my clock, but not my i went to bed on monday night, and woke up at 11:02 on tuesday morning...while i was very well rested, i was also very late for class...and this particular class was one in which we were doing work to be turned in as part of an assignment, so if i missed the class, i wouldn't get those i hoped against all hope for a snow day, but there wasn't one, so i got dressed super fast and ran out to go to class, but as i left the house, i saw a guy in my class who also lives in my row, shoveling his walk...i asked him if he went to class today, and he said he did, but that the prof left a note saying class was was soooooooo lucky that i didn't actually miss class!!! then on tuesday, class got cancelled after 3pm, which meant i got to miss my genetics tutorial, which kinda sucked, cuz i actually could have used it...oh well. our first soccer game was last night downtown, and that got cancelled, which kinda sucked, but i wouldn't have wanted to drive downtown in that weather anyway, so i guess it all worked out. well, i gotta run, have a meeting then class, then back home to study...yay school...

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

so i have stats class in about an hour, and nothing to do, so i figured i'd write in my blog. today was rather uneventful, although i did officially sign up to go snowboarding this friday. in order to go, i'm skipping my second stats quiz in a row (i missed the last one to get my teeth pulled). they only count the best 8 of 9 or something, so missing the first one was fine, but now i'll actually get a zero counted towards my final mark...oh well, at least i get to learn to snowboard! i mean, if it came down to learning stats or learning to snowboard, clearly snowboarding would gotta have priorities in life, right? anyway, it should be a fun day...we're going up to blue mountain...i just hope the weather is nice. my mouth is healing nicely, after having been assaulted friday...the dentist gave me this squirty thing to clean out the're supposed to squirt water into the holes left by your teeth, and it will flood all the food chunks out...yummy, huh? oh well, it works, so i'm happy :)...the only downside is that the whole thing is rather high i had a quiz in stats today, and it didn't go too well. see, in stats220 last semester, i never studied for any of the quizzes, and i still did pretty well on all of them...apparently the same theory does not hold for stats221. next week i'll have to actually study for the quiz, and hopefully the result will be more favourable. i found out that our entire soccer season consists of only 5 games!! what's up with that?!? kinda cheap, but what can you do...we have a pretty good team, although i don't know what the other division two teams are like...but still, i think we have a good chance of going pretty far this season. oh ya, my tickets for the barenaked ladies show came in the mail over the weekend! yay!! it should be a good show. last time i went to see them it was awesome! i wish i didn't have to go to class tonight, and that i could just stay home and sleep...oh well, such is life...

Monday, January 19, 2004

well, it turns out that i had to shell out my $20 to marla...who knew she would ACTUALLY tell brian that he was the hottest guy in her class? i didn't think she would actually do it, but all the power to you marla...i stand corrected, and i am now 20 dollars poorer for it. :) so i got my wisdom teeth pulled on the weekend, and it wasn't bad at all! i even got to keep my teeth :) various people were telling me all these horror stories about getting teeth pulled *cough cough...MARLA...cough cough* but it wasn't bad at all...i was totally asleep for the whole thing, which was good. i got nitrous oxide (laughing gas), and a valium IV, so i was VERY happy...i don't even remember that much about the whole procedure, but here's what i do remember: i got to the dentist's office and i had to wait for a little bit, but then i got taken back into the was totally white...kinda weird. so i lay (lied?) down in the chair, and the nurse strapped the gas thing across my nose. she said most people liked the laughing gas, but some people got nauseous from it...i was one of the majority who liked it :P then i remember the nurse putting the IV in my hand...i didn't really notice it though, cuz i was too drugged up. then the very next thing i remember is the dentist coming in and telling me that when i was asleep he put the freezing stuff in my mouth...i didn't even remember being asleep!!! it was a very weird feeling...anyway, he said that he was gonna give me more valium, and that the next time i woke up, my teeth would be out...lo and behold, the next time i woke up, my wisdom teeth were gone and i was biting down on bloody gauze...i only remember my mom being in the room, and her and the nurse helping me out of the chair, and my mom said that my dad was outside waiting with the car...but apparently, there was about a ten minute conversation prior to that moment that i didn't remember. supposedly, while i was awake, both my parents were in the room and the nurse was giving them the run down on how to take care of my mouth...during this time my parents described me as being "stoned"...rumour has it i was giggling uncontrollably and asking for more laughing gas...these rumours are as yet unsubstantiated. anyway, on the whole, the experience wasn't too bad...the only time my mouth hurt was the day i actually got them pulled. other than that, it was all just feels really weird with 4 fewer teeth in my mouth, but i guess i'll get used to it...well, my weekend pretty much consisted of sleeping and lying on the couch...very uneventful. another school week has begun, so it's back to work...hooray...

Thursday, January 15, 2004

holy crap, there is soooooo much snow outside! i was convinced that classes would have been cancelled tonight, but alas, i still had to go to anyway, yesterday i found out that i made the division 2 soccer team...yay!!! so i was right, and everyone who thought i would make division 1 was wrong...bahahaha :) it'll be tons of fun though, so i'm really excited...and who knows? we might even win the division! so as a member of the division 2 soccer team, we had our first practice tonight...we only found out about the practice this afternoon, so there were only 6 people there, but it was still really looks like i'll be the goalie for the team again...i was hoping i wouldn't have to play in net, but if no one else will do it, i don't long as people don't blame me if we lose! :) so practice ended at 6, and i had to trudge home through the snow, shower, eat dinner, and trudge back through the snow to be in stats class at times. oh ya, last night i found out that maaike also likes bowser and blue!!! it was a huge moment...cuz everyone else i play it for thinks it's stupid...but they are soooooooo great and so funny!!! it's so nice to finally see someone who can also appreciate the humour :D it turns out we have similar taste in tons of different movies -> go labyrinth and monty python & the holy grail!!! we have to have a movie night sometime soon and play all the old classics :) oh ya, i have also decided that i would have been much better off had i majored in logic (philosophy) and math/, school would be so much better that way...math rules!!! alas, i decided to major in forensics and anthro, so now i have to take all these stupid bio courses....what on earth was i thinking?!? oh well, it's a little late now...but i think it would be cool to get another degree in math...maybe actuarial science...that would be cool :) well, i think that's all i have to say for now...with any luck, tomorrow will be a snow day and i'll be able to sleep in!!!

Monday, January 12, 2004

ok, it's been since wednesday, but i still think i'm doing very well compared to my record for 2003!! Anyway, a lot has happened since wednesday night...I had soccer practice thursday night, and finally got to play out, which only made me realize how horribly out of shape I am...but it was still really fun! Friday morning I had my osteo bell ringer...I was extremely unmotivated to study for it, but it didn't turn out to be so bad, which was nice! we went out to see "house of sand and fog" on friday offense to anyone who saw it and liked it, but i thought it sucked. i didn't even understand the point of it! the only redeeming quality of the movie was ben kingsley...he was awesome. i did learn three things from seeing it though: 1. always open your mail 2. don't fool around with a married psycho guy 3. don't point a gun at a cop, cuz you'll get shot. three important lessons, i think :P. we were going to go for bubble tea after the movie, but the bubble tea place was closed, so we went to demetre's instead, which was awesome! so many names for desserts there could totally be used as porn movie names...i mean, come on...tongue depressor? field of creams?!? anyway, then on saturday i went up to waterloo to visit my friends. i will admit, i did get fairly drunk...we hung out at my friends house for a lot of the night first, then we went over to a bar called phil's...they stamp your hand to get in, and the stamp is still there!!! damn ink won't come off my hand!!! but it was totally worth it cuz i had sooooooo much fun...gotta go up there more often :)...and sunday morning i didn't have a hangover at all! i was very impressed :). then today, i finally got registered in advanced genetics and dropped pathology...the teacher for pathology is crazy! he totally picks on people and puts them on the spot...and if you don't participate every class, you lose marks!!! the prof for advanced genetics is super nice, and the course sounds really cool, so i'm happy. tonight i had my last soccer tryout, and it went fairly well...other people think i'll make division 1, but i'm fairly certain i'll be on division 2...oh well, guess i'll find out tomorrow. well, that's all i have to say, so i'm gonna go to bed now...night!

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

two days in a row! i'm actually keeping my resolution up pretty well! so today was generally boring. i studied most of the day for my osteo bell ringer, except for my stats class in the middle of the day. i also had another stats class tonight, right before soccer. unfortunately, i got suckered into playing goalie yet again at soccer...while i did make a wicked save, i'm gonna have tons of bruises tomorrow...oh well, it was definitely worth it :D. i also learned today that i love stats...why didn't i major in math or stats? i mean i like math, and i can actually do it...what on earth am i doing in science? oh well...kinda late to do anything about it now. but my classes this semester are pretty good, so i can't complain. right now i technically should be studying for my osteology bell ringer coming up on friday, but i really don't feel like it, so i'm totally procrastinating. nothing else interesting happened today, but i am slowly beginning to realize that i have to start thinking about what i want to do for the rest of my life...meh, i guess i'll just procrastinate on that too... :)

Tuesday, January 06, 2004 second blog entry in three days...i think it must be some kind of record for me. well, school is back, which means that classes and homework are most of my classes this year are pretty good. i'm still taking osteology, which is good. i also have two stats classes (yay math!!! i like math :D), lab methods in biological anthro, which seems cool, and forensic pathology, which i think is going to be very cool. we have to do a seminar in front of the class which kinda scares me, but i think the material in the class will be awesome...what's even scarier is the fact that i am seriously contemplating med school to become a pathologist. i'm glad to be back at school cuz i get to see everyone again! it's awesome. oh ya, and soccer started again tonight...indoor now, since obviously winter weather is not very conducive to outdoor soccer. i'm so happy to be playing again...i think i'm already getting some bruises tho! i have an osteo bell ringer on friday which sucks, but i'm going up to waterloo this weekend, so that's gonna be awesome! some serious bar hopping will be done :D. anyway, i should get back to studying...yay for bones, but boo for school...

Sunday, January 04, 2004 official new year's resolution is to actually write in my blog...i know it's hard to believe right now, but i have faith...i think i'll be able to keep it up. so i'm just gonna pretend that this is a fresh start, and that my first couple entries don't even really count... :P so i'm back at school now on sunday night, getting ready for school to start again tomorrow. i don't want the next semester to start...i mean, i don't even know my marks for last semester yet!!! damn u of t...stupid friggin slow at everything...all they do is steal all our money! ok...well now that i'm done venting about that, i had a good vacation...nice and relaxing. i almost went snowboarding, but didn't end up going which upset me, cuz i really wanna learn! oh well...i'll have to go with marla sometime soon :) i went down to buffalo and got wicked clothes...t-shirts for $2 and hoodies for $5!!! it was AWESOME. oh...and i learned something very important: never, ever eat a veggie dog...they are so gross!!! i saw lord of the rings, and it was sooooo didn't even feel that long to me! so now all i have to do is wait till june for the next harry potter movie :) well, my holiday was pretty boring, so i don't know what else to start again tomorrow, which sucks, but soccer also starts this week, which makes me very happy :D...well that's it for now, but i promise more entries soon!