Sunday, February 22, 2004

well, i admit it's been a while since my last entry, but i'll make up for it...reading week is almost officially over. i only have a few precious hours left, but it was awesome while it was here :). last saturday i went up to blue mountain with marla, steph and linda to go snowboarding. i must say, the drive up to collingwood was QUITE exciting. it was kinda crappy weather up in collingwood, and it was snowing pretty hard. so when we finally made it to county road 124, we learned that it was closed due to the bad weather. since that it basically the only way up to blue, we had to improvise a little in order to make it there. we figured out (well, it was mainly linda, she is a really good navigator), that we could drive up 3rd line which runs parallel to county road 124 and cut back we did that, and when we cut back over to 124, it was still closed. so we went back to 3rd line and drove on that until it ended. when we cut back to 124 that time, there were no more roadblocks, so we were finally back on track. well, we drove on 124 for about 40km, and not a single other car was on the road...we began to think that the road was still in fact closed, and we were just driving on a closed road. we finally reached an intersection with a sign in the opposite direction saying the road was closed...oh well, we were just driving on a closed road for a bit...but it all worked out :). but that was not the only excitement for the we continued up 124, the road was pretty slippery and there was a lip between the edge of the road and the gravel shoulder. well, my right front wheel went off the road, and onto the shoulder. my other 3 wheels were still on the road, and this made things interesting...i began to fishtail, and swerved into oncoming traffic. we were about to get hit by a pickup truck, but i managed to swerve away, and in the process, the car did something like a 540 degree rotation, and we ended up in a snowbank. the guy behind us just drove by and waved!!! it was pretty scary, and i was worried that the other cars on the road would lose control and crash into us while we were stuck in the snowbank. and steph slept through the whole thing!!! well, with the help of linda, marla and steph pushing the car, we managed to make it out of the snowbank and safely up to blue. the day was awesome...i sorta started to learn to turn like a normal person! it was an awesome day, and when we came back, me linda and steph went to see 50 first was pretty funny :).

well, after the excitement of the day of snowboarding subsided, i went home and relaxed on sunday. monday i had to get up early to play in an extramural soccer tournament at was a really fun day, and our team won the whole tournament! it ended up being UTM vs. UTM in the final (cuz UTM entered two teams), so that was pretty cool...the UTM team i was on won, and we got free t-shirts! yay for free stuff :D. tuesday night i went to the something corporate show with my friend alison downtown at the kool haus. it was an AMAZING show...they are soooooo good live!!! and i got a t-shirt there, but i had to pay for that one :P. wednesday i went out to corbett's to buy myself a pair of snowpants...i have been borrowing jason's lately to go snowboarding, but i figured i better get my own pair...they're black, really warm and really comfy :). thursday i went snowboarding yet again with people from work...we went up to mount st. louis, and it was an awesome day...they weather was REALLY nice, and it was sooo warm...the only downside was that it was some kind of school day there, so the place was swarming with thousands of obnoxious little kids...for the first part of the day we only got a couple runs in, but by the time we finished lunch most of the kids were gone...we practically had the place to ourselves for the rest of the day! it was soooooo awesome, and i finally learned to turn! i can turn normally almost all the way down the hill!!! i'm still sore, but it was so worth it. friday i slept in and had a nice relaxing day...i went to corbett's again, but this time to look at snowboards :). i found one i really liked, but didn't buy it right then...i thought i should sleep on it, since it's a pretty expensive thing to buy. i had to get up early on saturday for a dentist appointment at 9am, and then i went to corbett's yet again, and actually bought the snowboard i wanted :D:D:D. it is a salomon board, in midnight blue with red detailing, and it's red on the back...i got these really cool looking red bindings, and really comfy cost a crapload of money, but i think it will be worth it, considering how much it costs to rent stuff every time. i'm soooooo excited and i can't wait to try it out!!! hopefully i'll go again really soon :). anyway, today i came back to school, and i'm just settling in and getting ready to go back to school! phew...that was long, but that's it for now...

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

ahhhhhhh so i'm finally done all my tests...for now at's great!!! i had my genetics test and my stats test today...they both went pretty well, and i'm so glad they are over and done with. despite the fact that i had two tests today, last night i went downtown for my soccer game...i can't remember who we played (i think it was nursing), but we played like was unfortunate. we tied 0-0, but we totally should have won because we were a better team...oh well, we just didn't play well enough. but we'll win next time...we're still technically undefeated :). the murder mystery is coming along well...we finally have someone to be juan valdez! the plot is coming along well, and it sounds like it's gonna be really cool. friday night we went out for steph's birthday...HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY STEPH!!! it was really fun...we went out to jack astor's...gotta love unlimited garlic pan bread!! anyway, that's what's been happening lately...i'm all done my tests, which is nice, but i still have a stats quiz on friday, but hopefully it will be easy. tomorrow morning i have a soccer game for my intramural team...i'm skipping my osteo class to go to the game...wooooo! :D and this saturday i'm gonna go snowboarding again! i'm soooo excited...hopefully i won't be as sore as i was last should be awesome! a nice way to start reading week :). and i got tickets to the soco show! i'm sooooooooo's comin up on tuesday! should be a wicked show...i gotta get a t-shirt :). anyway, i think that's it for now...time to go piss away the rest of the night!

Thursday, February 05, 2004

holy crap! i just realized that i haven't written in my blog for over a week...but it seriously hasn't felt like that long! anyway, the past week has been rather uneventful, but still fun. i went to the pub on friday night to see if i won the trip to the dominican, but alas, i did not...looks like oakville is my destination for reading week. so i went home saturday for food and laundry, and came back saturday night...i went to the play with scott, and it was pretty good. afterwards we watched the leafs vs. sens game...GO LEAFS GO!!! we totally kicked their asses...revenge for our earlier 7-1 loss :(. so then sunday i slept in and pissed away some of the day, then went to a superbowl party...i had the pats to cover the spread, but that didn't happen so now i owe tony a beer...oh well, it was still a good game...too bad vinatieri's such a tool and missed those two field goals early on. survivor started on sunday too, and it was crazy! they don't get any fire, which also means no water, unless you don't care about brain parasites and just drink it without boiling's looking pretty intense, but the season should be good...i'm rooting for rupert and ethan. monday was another murder mystery meeting for the forensics club, and it appears to be coming along quite well...we're working the columbian drug lord angle nicely. so last night we had our first soccer game for indoor downtown...we won 4-0!!! it was a good game :). i somehow got suckered into playing in net yet again, but woo for shutouts! we didn't get home from downtown until about 11:30 last night, so i got home, and studied for the stats test i had this morning...i was up until about 3am studying, and then i woke up around 9am. i skipped my genetics class this morning to study some more...but it turns out the test wasn't so bad! i'm glad it's over :). this afternoon i bought some cd's too...the trews, and a good charlotte cd...good now i'm about to go to bed, cuz i gotta go to osteo tomorrow morning :(....