Tuesday, March 09, 2004

wow...i am a total slacker...i do realize it's been many, many, many days since my last entry...what can i say, i guess i'm just getting lazy! anyway, everything's going pretty well right now. i don't have too much work for school, which is really nice, and right now we're doing the amazing race on rez! i'm on a team with stacey and lara, and rachel and marla are on another team...steph, linda and esther have a team too. so far it's really fun! you get to go around solving clues and collecting more...and the best part is, you get 40 rez points just for finishing! of course, if you win, you get lots of other cool stuff too :). the murder mystery is going really well too, and it's coming up soon! i think we'll be able to pull it together in time, and it's gonna be really awesome! so this friday my mom is cooking dinner for all the lab peeps...should be a really fun night...however i fear that pictures of me as a baby might come out at some point during the night...that would not be fun at all... oh, and for the record, i'm really bitter about the weather. normally i would be ecstatic that it's getting warmer, but i just shelled out a crapload of money for a new snowboard, and i haven't even gotten to use it yet! hopefully i'll get at least one more chance before winter ends...i would at least like to try it out! i signed up for summer rez last week, and i'm really excited :D. i'll be living in phase 7 with linda, val and brian...should be an awesome house, and i am very thankful that we will get air conditioning :). well, there's prolly a bunch of stuff that has happened since my last entry that i haven't written about, but i just don't feel like it...i'd rather sleep :P